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Opening: 21.05.2024

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Opening: 15.04.2024

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Opening: 15.04.2024

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Opening: 25.01.2024

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Opening: 05.10.2023

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Opening: 07.07.2023

see full size Mariana Mapinova

Opening: 07.06.2023

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Opening: 03.05.2023

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Opening: 28.03.2023

Opening: 11.01.2023

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Opening: 08.11.2022

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Opening: 18.10.2022

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Opening: 13.05.2022

Opening: 10.03.2022

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Opening: 18.05.2021

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Opening: 15.03.2021

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Opening: 03.11.2020

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Opening: 13.05.2020

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Opening: 03.09.2019

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Opening: 28.05.2019

see full size Desi Deneva

Opening: 08.05.2019

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Opening: 22.03.2019

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Opening: 12.12.2018

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Opening: 17.11.2018

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Opening: 15.03.2018

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Opening: 15.02.2018

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Opening: 13.12.2017

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Opening: 21.11.2017

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Opening: 11.05.2017

see full size The artistic trio from Sofia 140ideas

Opening: 12.04.2016

The artistic trio from Sofia 140ideas will present their third independent exhibition as a creative team.

Their interest in drawing began 15 years ago when they are fascinated by the opportunities which the spray-painting gives. Quickly this interest became more serious and the desire of going deeper into the matter turns their hobby into a vocation , as on the way they experiment with different media at different scales.

After the big blind walls, causes and participating in various events and exhibitions 140ideas present one different exhibition. A personal exhibitio n , outside the graffiti, outside the major projects.
E xhibition , which is going to show their thoughts, excitement s and interest in the fine art. Will show their love for drawing , because it is once and for ever.

The opening will be on April 12, 2016 19:00 pm. at Art Gallery “Pagane”.
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Opening: 16.04.2015

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Opening: 08.10.2014

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Opening: 13.05.2014

see full size Krasimir Doichev

Opening: 06.03.2014

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Opening: 28.11.2013

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Opening: 12.11.2013

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Opening: 18.10.2013

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Opening: 18.07.2013

see full size Archak Nersisian i Nadia Stansheva

Opening: 10.05.2013

Arshak Nersisian was born in 1952 in Armenia. Graduate painting and graphics in Yerevan Art Academy. Specializing in St. Petersburg, Lithuania and Latvia. In Armenia, worked as art editor for the magazine \"Women of Armenia.\" In 1994 he came to Bulgaria for the first time as a representative of \"culture fund\" of Armenia. After two years back and still live at home as a freelance artist. He participated with his works in exhibitions in Iran, France, Finland and Russia has had many exhibitions in the country. Illustrated the book \"Armenian Folk Tales\" and \"The Spirit of Armenia\". In 2002 she participated in the restoration of Armenian church in the sea capital.

On 10.05.2012 a joint exhibition with Nadia Sancheva
see full size Exhibition gallery Gencho Denchev

Opening: 16.04.2013

Gentcho Dentchev was born in Sofia in 1932, graduated at the Art Academy in 1956, today has arranged more than 50 solo exhibitions at home and abroad. He was awarded the Union of Bulgarian Artists for nude and portrait. Secrets of art acquired by Nenko Balkanski Dechko Uzunov, Ilia Petrov, Ilia Beshkov.
see full size Desislava Deneva

Opening: 08.04.2013

She graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia, specialty \"Fresco.\" Individual exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Paris, Vienna and Bratislava. Participated in plain airs and exhibitions in Bulgaria, the United States, France, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia. Received second Academy Award for monumental painting co-authored with V. Zankov. Award in 1985 for painting \\\"Alba\\\" gallery in 1998.
see full size Exhibition gallery in Hungary

Opening: 28.03.2013

see full size Bogomil Arsov

Opening: 25.01.2013

Born in Sofia in 1970
Naive in the paints.
There are 17 solo exhibitions and many common interests.
Possession of his paintings are a number of collectors in the country and the U.S., France, South Korea, Guatemala, Greece
Ireland, Canada, UK and others.
Visually present twenty paintings immerse the viewer in a unique and exciting prikaznost
of images and characters in love with life. Master efforts combinations of colors as well as the original strain
the figures show the power of his talent
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Opening: 09.10.2012

see full size Mariela Dimitrova

Opening: 10.05.2012

Gallery \\ \"Pagane \\\" presents Mariela Dimitrova - Mara 05/10/2012 years at 18:30 pm

Born in 1967 in Sofia.She studied draphics in School of Fine Art Collede \\ \"San Alejandro \\\" in Havana,Cuba and after that Bulgarian Philology University*Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia Has an interesting way of working:
mix of different techniques, styles, genres and everything is much sense of humor and positive energy. Like Cuba has stared in her paintings.
see full size KOSTA KOSTOV

Opening: 20.03.2012

The exhibition \\ \"paper boat \\\" will be held on 20.03.2012 at 18.00
Kosta Kostov was born on 06/01/1964 in Durankulak, studied painting at the studios of marinista Angel Atanasov from Varna, Professor Georgi Dobrev and Good Vanev.
Gifted with a strong sense of color and imaginative, making painting his complex, multilayered and deep vnusheniya.Raboti oil and acrylic, and watercolor.
There are over 40 solo exhibitions in the country and chuzhbina.Uchastva in group exhibitions and annual workshops in painting.
Member of the UBA-Painting Section
see full size Arshak Nersisian i Nadia Stancheva

Opening: 08.12.2011

see full size Dimitar Vetsin

Opening: 15.04.2011

Dimitar Vetsin was born on March 16, 1950 in the village Oreshets, Belogradchik. In his creative biography includes ten independent exhibitions in Sofia and the country and participating in numerous art exhibitions. In recognition of his work can be given second prize in the First International Salon Naivizam in Bucharest in 1997 and a diploma for the most originally presented to the author of \"Art Expo in Sofia in 1998
His works are owned by the National Art Gallery - Sofia, art galleries in Targovishte, Montana, Vidin, Belogradchik, and private collectors in USA, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

see full size Biliana Bachvarova

Opening: 16.03.2011

Biljana Bachvarova graduating St. Cyril and Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo - Major \\ Graphics \\. Author of numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad. In Gallery Pagane will state for the first time.
In the art of Biljana Bachvarova has many hidden energy and emotional intensity. It meets us with an author who works with ambition and perseverance and always finds the right direction toward the heart of the viewer.

see full size Mary Krumovska

Opening: 13.12.2010

Krumovska Mary was born in 1956 graduated from the National Academy class Venko Kolev in 1981
For many years she taught painting. Her works are collectors at home and abroad.
see full size Gencho Denchev

Opening: 19.10.2010

Gencho Denchev was born in Sofia in 1932, graduate from the Art Academy in 1956 with specialty of painting .By far he has arranged over 50 solo exhibitions Bulgaria and abroad. He was awarded from the Union of Bulgarian Artists for nude and portrait. Secrets of art utilized in Nenko Balkanski, Dechko Uzunov, Ilia Petrov, Ilia Beshkov.
see full size Uliana Krasteva

Opening: 28.09.2010

Born in Sofia 07.07.1957 god.Zavarshva in 1976 School of Textile in Sofia and in 1984 the National Art Academy in the class of Martin Varbanov. 12 years teaching at the School of Applied Arts in Smolyan.
Works in the field of applied art. Her works are in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Russia
see full size Slav Bakalov

Opening: 27.05.2010

Born: 1945 in Sofia.

Education: 1964 - High School of Arts, Sofia.

1975 - Painter of cartoon films in the High State University for Cinematography, Moscow

Selected solo exhibitions:
He has over 30 solo exhibitions worldwide, among them:

Slav Bakalov works as painter, sculptor, director and script-writer of cartoon movies. He has four books published.

From 1975 to 1989 he created more than 50 cartoon films, one of which - full-length and four documentaries. For his cartoon movies he received many international awards -First Prize for animation - Anessi, \\\"Golden Plate\\\" in Athens, \\\"Silver Dragon\\\" in Krakow, Prize for innovation in animation from the Ottawa Festival and the most prestigious \\\"Golden Palm\\\" from the Cannes film
festival 1985
see full size Arshak Nersisian

Opening: 12.05.2010

Arshak Nersisian was born on 11/01/1952 g.v Armenia. He has graduated from Yerevan Academy of fine arts. He spezialized in Lenengrad, Lithuania and Latvia.
In Armenia he worked as art editor for the magazine \"Women of Armenia\"
In Bulgaria he has been since 1996

see full size Ivan Shopov

Opening: 07.01.2010

Ivan Shopov was born in 1982 in Troyan
In the year 2000 he graduated from Art Academy -Troyan in ceramics and аpplied arts.
In 2004 he graduated from the Art Academy in Sofia in grafics, in the class of prof.Yohan Yotov . Some individual exhibitions in Germany.
He works in the sphere of the electronic music as well.
Together with Ivo Hristov and Teodosi Spassov he works on the art project \"Balkan\"

see full size Sava Tsonovski

Opening: 10.12.2009

Sava Tsonovsi was born on 04.07.1925 in the village Botevo.
In 1955 graduated from the Art Academy ,in the class of Ilia Petrov.
32 years he works in the studio war artists.
Many exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.
One of the best Bulgarian artists.
see full size Valko Gaydarov

Opening: 23.10.2009

Valko Gaidarov

1937 - 2009

Valko Gaydarov was born in Devin on January 27, 1937

He studied at the Art Academy in Sofia in the class of Prof. Nenko Balkanski. He graduated in 1964. During that year he became the director of the newly founded Art Gallery - Smolyan.

Since 1971, Valko Gaydarov is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

Some of his works are owned by the National Gallery - Sofia, Art Galleries - Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik, Kyustendil, Smolyan ,etc. Moreover they are part of several private collections in England, the Netherlands, Cyprus, USA, Japan, Germany and others.

see full size Kiril Maiski

Opening: 05.10.2009

Kiril Maiski was born on March 19, 1926 in Popovo.He graduates monomental painting from the Art Academy in Sofia. He has number of individual exhibitions in the country and many others in Greece, Italy, Japan, Cyprus, Europe. Maiski is a master of aquarelle, but he has works with oil technique. His paintings are grouped in cycles and they bring alive one of the most poetic legends of Bulgarian history, old houses and gifts - houses of Great Bulgarians, mountain and marine landscapes, old monasteries and churches, poetic imagery, symbols of gentle beauty.

Kiril Maiski is a realistic painter, a student of Elijah Beshkov, Ivan Nenov and Kiddo Uzunov. He is the author of the original idea for \"overturned exhibition\" in which the two arts are combinate. A number of poets - Elizabeth Bagriana, Pavel Matev, Hristo Fotev, Matthew Shopkin, Lachezar Elenkov, Krum Penev\\\\s illustrate his works in their poems.
see full size Svetla Koseva

Opening: 08.09.2009

Svetla Koseva was born on August 5, 1970 in Varna. Graduated from Art School of Fine Arts \"Ts. Lavrenov \" Plovdiv / 1985-1990 /
Many individual exhibitions in London, Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia.
2008-Nomination for participation in the National Exhibition of Allianz-Bulgaria for painting.
Her landscapes bring the charming magic of \\\\\\\"deja vu\\\\\\\".